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Fitness Instructor

Since 2019, I have been actively involved in the fitness industry, starting as a coach for a rock climbing team. As I grew more comfortable in this role, I expanded my teaching to include strength training. During my college years, I took a further step by obtaining my cycling certification through Stages, enabling me to teach spin classes at Santa Clara University.


The experience was so rewarding that during the summer, I also taught spin classes at Montecito Heights Health Club. Embracing the formal teaching environment, I decided to continue my fitness journey during my sophomore year by securing a position at SPENGA. Here, I broadened my teaching expertise, instructing spin, strength, and yoga classes.

Though the fitness journey can be tough, I believe in making it an enjoyable experience. I strive to infuse my classes with enthusiasm and positivity, creating an atmosphere where people can have fun while pushing their limits. My goal is to inspire others to embrace fitness as a part of their lifestyle, rather than something to dread. Seeing my students leave with smiles on their faces and a sense of accomplishment fuels my love for teaching fitness even more.

To help reach out to my clients and share the class schedule, tips/tricks, and at home workouts, I created an Instagram account. Feel free to take a look and my DMs are always open!

Fitness Background

2019 - Present

Vertex Climbing Center

- Teaching rock climbing to all ages, fitness abilities, and disabilities

- Training youth (ages 10-17) in strength training and climbing technique

- Teaching strength fitness classes to adults focusing on endurance, power, and agility 

2021 - Present

Santa Clara University

- Teaching students, faculty, and SCU staff 

- Creating a curriculum for 45-minute spin class with a 10-minute ab blast

2022 - 2023

Montecito Heights

- Teaching spin to adults for a 45-minute class to an hour-long class

- Using the Stages software to create and display classes

- Creating new playlists every class that fit the class demographic

2022 - 2024

SPENGA Los Gatos

- Teaching spin, strength, and yoga

- Creating individual playlists for every class

- Constructing feedback and recommendations to clients depending on their goals



- Teaching a pop-up class for the Intel team and the CEO, Patrick Gelsinger.

- Creating and instructing a 45-minute spin class

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Competitive Mountain Biking
France Trip
Belgium Trip

I raced for Annadel Composite (A-Team) for two years but unfortunately, COVID-19 hit and I was unable to race my senior year.

Before starting at SCU, my Dad and I went on a road cycling trip climbing the most prominent Alps in the Tour de France (Col de la Madeleine, Col du Glandon, Col de la Croix de Fer, Col du Galibier, Alp d'Huez, and Mount Ventoux)

After a summer of studying abroad in London, my  Dad and I went to Belgium to ride the iconic cobbles from the Tour of Flanders.



Even though it was an unpaid position, Lily considers it an incredible honor to have been chosen as one of the 12 girls in California to be an ambassador for the National Interscholastic Cycling Association's GRiT program. GRiT, which stands for Girls Riding Together, involved a year-long commitment where she dedicated her time to inspiring and empowering female-identifying students in the world of cycling, and more specifically, mountain biking.


As part of this ambassadorship, she organized and conducted a yoga class for young girls in high school, introducing them to the benefits of yoga as a complement to cycling. Additionally, she proactively reached out to several middle schools to spread awareness about various sports opportunities, including cycling, even if they are sometimes stigmatized as male-dominated sports.


Being able to serve as an ambassador for GRiT and positively impact young girls, encouraging them to explore the world of cycling and sports in general, was an immensely gratifying and meaningful experience for her.

My journey in cycling began when I was just 9 years old, thanks to my Dad who introduced me to mountain biking. It started as a way for us to bond and spend quality time together, but I soon fell in love with the thrill of riding through the mountains and experiencing the flow of the trails. I soon spent most weekends cycling with my father and two of his cycling friends, who soon quickly became second fathers for me. As my passion for cycling grew, my Dad introduced me to road cycling, which opened up a whole new world of breathtaking views and scenic routes.


Eager to explore road cycling further, I tried out for a road cycling team, but unfortunately, an injury prevented me from competing with them. Despite this setback, I continued to cycle recreationally, eventually finding a like-minded group of cyclists my age to ride with. Joining the local mountain biking team allowed me to ride and have the opportunity to race for two years, but in the end, I realized that my true joy came from the experience of cycling rather than the competitive aspect.


After my racing days, I decided to combine my love for traveling with my passion for cycling, leading me to embark on adventures such as biking in the French Alps and riding the legendary Belgium cobbles. My latest exciting endeavor will be exploring track cycling at the velodrome, as I continue to embrace the joy and discovery that cycling brings to my life.

Cycling Background

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Spotify Playlists

Take a look at all my playlists I have used for past classes. Feel free to save them or use them for inspiration!

Fitness Photos!

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