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Introducing Lily

Learn about my background ranging from high school and college to my favorite extracurriculars.

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My high school years

I spent my entire life in the Northern Bay Area, where I attended a public high school and actively participated in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) program. My time in FFA sparked my interest in veterinary science and sustainability, both of which I avidly pursued during high school.


When I was really young, I discovered my passion for dance at the age of 6 and I have been devoted to it ever since; In high school I specialized in dance as part of an arts program.


During high school, I demonstrated exceptional initiative by enrolling in numerous classes at the local junior college. This allowed me to fulfill both high school and college credits concurrently, effectively reducing my future college course load.

While in high school, me diverse interests brought me to take on multiple roles including serving as the co-president of the French club and being a member of the track and field team. Before the onset of the coronavirus, I worked at a local rock climbing gym, where I found joy in teaching both children and adults the art of climbing. Moreover, I trained young individuals for competitive climbing, fueling my enthusiasm for guiding others toward success.

Santa Clara University

In 2021, as COVID-19 restrictions started to ease up, I embarked on my journey at Santa Clara University. Currently a junior, I am pursuing an ambitious academic path, majoring in Marketing and embracing two minors in Computer Science and Engineering, as well as Graphic Design. Despite my challenging course load, I exhibit remarkable determination by successfully balancing my studies with four jobs during the school year.

Shotokan Karate Club

Beyond academics and work commitments, I actively contribute to the Santa Clara University's community as the President of the Shotokan Karate Club, a prominent SCU Club Sport. In this leadership role, I manage various responsibilities, including overseeing the club's social media accounts, handling finances, organizing events, coordinating fundraisers, and managing recruitment efforts. 

I have taken the initiative to collaborate with my club, the Shotokan Karate Club, and Campus Security at Santa Clara University to create a valuable and empowering initiative. Together, we have established a free self-defense workshop open to all SCU students. I passionately offer this workshop three times a year, providing students with essential skills and resources to protect themselves if ever needed.


My dedication to promoting safety and empowerment among my fellow students has become a valuable resource on campus. By organizing these workshops, I bring my commitment and drive to the well-being and security of the SCU community.

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